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Online OREA Real Estate License Exam PREP Course

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CourseProvider’s real estate prep course prepares you for Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 Exams of the OREA real estate course. Our Modules are structured in a way to provide you the most important information from each chapter. Our focus is to present you content which is very likely to appear on the 3 exams. This online real estate license course is offered across Ontario, Canada.

We are not selling a study guide that you can just download. The approach behind this course is to provide an experience where the student feels they are being taught by a teacher in a scheduled manner. We are not just giving you material to download or read, that is easy and not effective. The developers have structured the course material in a manner that allows the student to successfully interpret and retain information as they come across it.


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More information about the course

  • This course is offered online
  • We have summarized the 3 massive text books into a simple and easy to understand slide format.
  • Step by step solutions for Math problems (Especially for Phase 1)
  • The course only shows content we know will help you pass.
  • You will be given 24/7 access to the course material
  • Content is accessible on multiple devices
  • We provide 100’s of multiple choice questions for each phase to prepare you for the OREA exam!
  • Students have access to course professors when stuck on a question through our student help portal.
  • 100% Money Back GUARANTEE!

Get your real estate agent license fast! Get access to Phase 1,2, 3 for just $999!

In today’s job market, its the ones who take risks or offer something propitiatory are the leaders.

Course Provider strives to provide an opportunity that allows the student to cut corners. We understand that with day jobs and on going education, allocating time to an online real estate course can be overwhelming. Not only have we simplified the content, we have also shrunk the course material to 1/10 of the actual book. Along with that we provide you an opportunity to
continuously test your understanding of the material you learn as you journey through the course.

Our course contains very specific and important points directly from the text book. We have simplified our content to the extent that allows the reader to understand and process information easily.

OREA being a very sophisticated institution expects all exam writers to be able to comprehend exam questions and answer them appropriately. It is often the case where despite having the knowledge of a topic, the writer fails to answer the question. This is because of the tricky wording of the questions found in the OREA Exam. We at CourseProvider provide you 100’s of questions that not only allow you to practice but also sharpen your skills regarding understanding questions and answering them appropriately.

As we all know, math is a game of practice. The Real Estate exam for particularly Phase 1 is very focused on testing the writers math. We suspect that nearly half the Phase 1 OREA exam can be math calculations where you are expected to calculate answers based on the information provided. We at CourseProvider understand this and provide our students multiple choice format questions to prepare them to face these types of questions. Though our course is offered in the format of e-learning, we provide every student the opportunity to interact with the course professors through our student help portal.

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In conclusion

  • We summarized the textbooks into simple slides
  • We provide you test questions for each phase
  • We offer you support regarding the course content
  • We help you get prepared to pass!

If you feel you are ready to start a successful and exciting career as a real estate professional, enroll today and access our #1 selling online real estate prep course and conquer the OREA Exam.