All 3 Phases only $999* (Price subject to higher change)OREA Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 questions

In order to be a practicing real estate agent, you must be successful in completing Phase 1 to 3 of the OREA Real Estate Exams. WITHOUT any external resources such as course guides or
exam prep questions, it is very common for first time exam writers to fail. Achieving 75% is quite challenging if you do not have extensive knowledge of the content or experience in the real estate market.

Course Provider® offers its very own real estate exam preparation course (study guide) for residents in Ontario, Canada. Our exam preparation course that breaks down Phase 1, Phase 2, and Phase 3 of the real estate exam into a very simplified, yet very direct content. Our focus is to help you pass the course by providing you information that we predict will likely appear on your exam.

After multiple modifications to our modules, we have been able to prefect OREA Real Estate Prep 1000!

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Phase 1 – Topics to cover

  • Requirements to enroll
  • Governing bodies
  • CCIM Institute (Excemtions from RICO)
  •  Client, Agent, and Real estate broker
  • REBBA 2002
  • Common LawOREA Real Estate Exam Questions Guide
  • Employee Relations vs Independent Contractor.
  • Brokerage and its termination agreement
  • What is a Sales representatives vs Broker of record?
  • Organized Real Estate
  • Non-Organized Realestate
  • How to list, sell, and the process.
  • What makes a good broker?
  • Real Estate Market and the Economy.
  • How to determine Value and Market Price.
  • Consumer Behaviour
  • Value Principles
  • What is Freehold?
  • What is condominium?
  • Process of purchasing a condo and information regarding the process.
  • Definitions and terms – Types of constructions
  • Types of markets? (Ripple effect, consumer behaviour, consumer protection, legislation and the consumer)
  • What are Appraisals?
  • Home Inspectors and their role -> What is required
  • Property Management
  • How do lawyers fit in and their roles?
  • What causes success? Marketing and Customer service!
  • Math – We provide 100’s of questions that prepare you for this section along with solutions.