Pass The Orea Real Estate Licensing Exam – THE FIRST TIME!!!

Feeling Overwhelmed? Frustrated? Don’t know where to start? Not very encouraging is it? Would you like to beat the odds? That’s where comes in. Our experienced Realtors have distilled the information in the OREA Real Estate Licensing Course down to its essential elements to help insure your success in passing the exam the first time. You


I attended the UCLA Woo China business conference in Los Angeles last week and wish to share with you some of what I heard and some of the impressions I came away with.. Real estate is booming in China. The Chinese economy is booming, going up consistently 10% each year in gross domestic product. Productivity

BUY AND HOLD — OR FLIP that Property?

Many of the world’s great fortunes have been made in real estate.  Real estate is a good investment — they are not making any more land. In the past months two friends asked my advice on their plans to purchase a new home and then sell their old home. I asked them if they had