See what some our students have to say!

– “I failed Phase 1 in March 2013 and was devastated. I studied the book thoroughly but could not retain all the infomation as there was 100’s of pages to read from the book. I enrolled in this  course in April and passed my course with an 84! CourseProvider only provided content that was very specific to how the exam would look like. I did about 60 practice questions and was
prepared to write the exam. Definitely recommend this course to all! – Laura

– “Worth the money, no questions asked. $499 for all 3 phases? Its a steal. Oh and I passed all 3.” – Mark

– “I am a CGA and manage my business full time. Time required to pass this course was very hard to find and I had been debating to even write this exam. I found out about CourseProvider from my  friend, Chris Martingalo, who had passed using this course guide. Without a doubt I enrolled and booked a date for my phase 1 exam 2 weeks after enrolling. I was ready to write the exam in 10 days. Passed with a 92%. Give this course a shot to those considering. – Selven

– “Great service and support from professor Chadvick!” – Karen